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Visa Wellington on a Plate – supplier showcase

The Supplier Showcase gives us local Wellington suppliers a chance to show off our products to local chefs and retail buyers .

Wellington put on pitiful weather but attendees turned out with enthusiasm.

Here’s Sharon doing her great sales pitch to a couple of keen men!

January 2017Supplier showcase

Thorndon Fair, Wellington

Everything was ideal – the A team of sellers, a new stall site on the main thoroughfare, great weather and buyers looking for the ultimate Christmas present. 449 pots sold and ran out of our gift packs!

December 2016

30 is the new 20!

Jelly MW

Normally at a Moore Wilson’s  jelly tasting, we sell about 21 pots. Last couple of times, we’ve sold over 30! Boy are we happy, though we don’t think it’s because our improved sales skills.

July 2016

Email from Sam in Brisbane

DSCF0128 - Copy“I was at a friends wedding on the weekend and tried some of the jelly – it was great, tried it with cheese. Perhaps a relative of theirs brought some over? I would be interested in a few as I was wanting some for myself and my mum.”

Emailed her back and said I also was at the wedding and bought it over for Anna’s stunning cheese platter!

April 2016

A happy Whisky jelly eater

Whisky jelly pot

I was on a mission in 2015 to create a whisky jelly to add to the collection. It’s temperamental delicacy to make but I think I’m taming it! My rejects glazed the Christmas cakes – sure gave them an extra pizzazz.

Here’s feedback from Heather who’d got a jar of whisky jelly for Christmas. Looks like it went down a treat.

“Yum! Especially with thin sliced ham and pistachio/honey cream cheese.”

Cameron at Neudorf Vineyards

Cameron at Neudorf VineyardsCalled in to meet Cameron at Neudorf yesterday (outside of Nelson).

He runs the cellar door and is stocking our Blonde and Malt jellies. What a fantastic setting – you can grab items for a picnic (jelly included) and sit and enjoy a glass of their stunning wine.

Wellington on a Plate

Wellington on a PlateTwo weeks of gastronomic delight that happens in Wellington every year.

Restaurants come up with special menus and use local produce.

Five restaurants incorporated the jellies into their dishes and all were delicious – Sopranos, Little Beer Quarter, Spruce Goose, The Portlander and Crafters and Co.

We’re in Kia Ora magazine!

DSCF0047 - CopyThe email subject said “Kia ora from Kia Ora”. And then I got excited.

They’d read about our craft beer jellies in the press release from Wellington on a Plate and were keen to taste them.

Off a sample box went and next thing we hear they want to put it in the magazine!

We’re in House and Garden!

DSCF0007 - CopyWe were thrilled. Without knowing it was happening, our BLONDE jelly appeared in the House and Garden magazine.

What a lovely surprise – they found it themselves at one of the suppliers and loved it.