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Baked salmon

Salmon with BBJSalmon with BBJ – yes, yes, yes! This recipe was in the June Dish magazine and I’ve adjusted it to the take the extra special flavour of our jelly. It’s the nicest salmon I’ve had in a long time – quick and easy too.

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Christmas cake

Recipe - Christmas cakeThis amount of mixture will make two medium cakes (2x 22cm and 1x 16cm). Half the mixture if you just want one large cake.

I make them early and store them in the freezer as freezing them causes the fruit to explode and makes them tastier!

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Caesar salad

Recipe - Caesar saladGlazing the bacon with Beer Belly Jelly makes this salad extra special. Don’t be tempted to eat the bacon before it gets to the salad!

This is a superb dish for a lunch as it’s all in the one dish.

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Five ways to use Beer Belly Jellies

Recipe - 5 ways to use Beer Belly JelliesTake a look at these five ways to use our delectable Beer Belly Jellies.

We’ve got ideas on how to scrummy up a steak, create wow factor pork, produce show-stopping chicken, jazz up a cheese board and make delectable dressings and extras. It’s fantastic how versatile and delicious our Beer Belly Jellies are – and how they can transform a recipe into something quite special.

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Butter chicken soup

Recipe - Butter chicken soupOllie, a little friend of mine, loves ‘butter chicken’ in any way you can eat it. So I went searching for a soup I could make for him and here’s what I found. Of course, you guessed it, there’s Beer Belly Jelly involved.

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Sticky pecan date cake

Recipe - Sticky pecan date cakeFor Jenny’s birthday, I made an old favorite, with Beer Belly Jelly included of course. I must be up to 101 ways to use Beer Belly Jellies and still counting!

Make sure this cake is cooked  – it’s a deceiver that looks done then 10 minutes out of the oven, it droops in the middle.

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