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Craft beer and liquor jellies

BLONDE is a lighter ale that reminds you of summer evenings sitting on the deck. PALE ALE has a grunty, complex taste, while MALT is dark and tastes like rich chocolate or coffee. HOT BELLY gives a mellow punch at the end for you lovers of chilli. PORTLY is a new jelly to add even more deliciousness to the festive season, while new SCOTCH is the perfect present for the whisky lover. They each partner perfectly with different types of food.

BeerJellies-Ashley-16The jellies come in 70gm jars. We also do a 180gm, 300gm jars plus 3 litre tubs for catering purposes.

We lovingly blend the best craft beers, Port, Whisky and New Zealand apples to bring you the unique taste of Beer Belly Jellies.

Making these jellies is an art – if you miss their fine sitting point, you’ve got honey! We make small batches to ensure we get the right set.