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PALE ALE craft beer jelly


Varoom! You’ve got grunty and complex right here. Enjoy with smelly cheese, pork, steak, smoking fish and pancakes.

This craft beer jelly comes 70gm jars. We also do a 180gm or 300gm jar, plus 3 litre tub for catering purposes.

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Beer Descriptor

PALE ALE: Ales are normally top fermented, a warm fermentation where the yeast will develop a lot of fruity characters as it ferments.


Clean finishing style of beer noted for its fruity aroma and mild hoppy tastes. Aroma is characterised by a refreshing concoction of hops that give one a hint of passionfruit, citrus and grapefruit. A faint aroma associated with a good Riesling also punches through.

Often a little Malted Wheat is blended in with the pale malts to give a distinctive haze to the beer as well as foam enhancement and body. Typically, a dark golden to brown colour. Those that are darker in colour will have a malty note imparted by the lightly roasted malted barley.

Pale Ales are on a huge growth curve driven by the craft brewing explosion.

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