Delicious with

Our jellies are delicious with all types of cheeses, meats or for that unique taste in dishes. Scrape out your jar and use it in gravies, casseroles, baking and deserts.

Unique gift

Surprise someone special with a box of our jellies. Especially for craft beer lovers, foodies and those who like the finer tastes in life. It's an ideal corporate gift to wow your customers.

Pure and natural

Our jellies are as natural as we can make them, with the least sugar we can use to give them a long shelf life. No preservatives or gelatin. Perfect for vegetarians and our Portly is gluten free. 

Best ingredients

We lovingly blend the best New Zealand  craft beers, port, gin and whisky to bring you the unique taste of our jellies. These are the real thing, no concentrates, that's why they taste so good. 


We love our little glass jars and metal lids. They make the jellies into a perfect gift. The only plastic we use is our 3 litre containers.

We will deliver

We have a fast courier that goes everywhere. Delivery is within 1-3 days throughout New Zealand

Meet Ginny, the latest star of the show

Irresistible pink delight that makes you want to devour the whole jar 

What people say they like most about the jelly

"OMG - what's not to like. Beautiful." Ann

"Love the sharpness of the jelly with the cheese and crackers. Great name, great gift." Lynne

"First time tasting. Very impressed - will buy more." Lyn

"Novel, colourful, yummy." Diane

"Scrumptious way to taste beer!" Sue

"Goes with absolutely everything - cheese, meat, sausages." Helen 

Rathkeale Christmas Fair, November 2018

Where can you get your hands on our jellies

We have delicatessens that stock our jellies through the country or you can order on line.


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