Best ingredients

We lovingly blend the best craft beers, port and whisky to bring you the unique taste of our jellies.  

Unique gift

Surprise someone special with a box of our jellies. Especially for craft beer lovers, foodies and those who like the finer tastes in life.

We will deliver

We have a fast courier that goes everywhere. Delivery is within 1-3 days throughout New Zealand

What goes best with our jellies

            Our jellies are delicious with cheeses, meats or for that unique taste in dishes

What people say they like most about the jelly

"The intensity of flavour!"  Graeme

"The uniqueness of each one whilst they are all just as good as the others!"  Hannah

"Great flavour with cheese"  Kevin

"Make my blood type Scotch"  Ray

"Flavour and texture - you don't have to struggle to get it out of the packaging"  Joanne

Wellington on a Plate Supplier Showcase, January 2018

Where can you get your hands on our jellies

We have delicatessens that stock our jellies through the country or you can order on line.


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